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A fast and free tool to recover data from any damaged CD or DVD
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CD Reader is a free small tool that will help you recover the files included in corrupted data discs. It supports any data CD or DVD (both R and RW), but it will not be able to read neither your audio CDs nor your video DVDs. You can recover specific files, using the manual mode, or make a copy of the full disc automatically. Its high-speed performance and its level of accuracy are certainly its main assets.
Though still in beta status, this simple tool accurately recovers both individual files and full discs that your disc drive finds difficult or impossible to read due to scratches or other damages in the disc surface. You can set CD Reader to perform as many as 9 retries every time it finds a read error before skipping the damaged file. Files with errors can be skipped automatically, or saved in a different folder, though you can force CD Reader to recover as much data as possible from any damaged file. In this case, its performance speed will slow down considerably.
The Automatic Mod option allows you to recover the information contained in several discs automatically. Once a disc has been read and copied in your hard drive, CD Reader will eject the tray automatically and wait for a new disc. If you only need to recover a few specific files, you can switch to manual mode by selecting the desired files from the disc tree displayed by CD Reader.
As with other programs with a similar functionality, you will need to find the right compromise between the amount of data to be recovered and the desired performance speed.

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  • Free
  • High speed performance
  • Manual mode for specific files
  • Automatic mode for full disc recovery


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